Braun Fundraiser Donor Honor Roll


William Purves


Joe Whitehouse


Margaret Westbrook


Gregg Sandreuter


Mark DeBofsky


John Kane


Grayson Hale


Doug Fletcher


Vicki Petramala


Teresa Godwin


Don Larsen


Morgan & Benton Moss


Wendy & Eric Midkiff


Jennifer Stringer


Harris & Linda Goldman


Robert McDevitt


Carl A. Eason


Karen Jordan


Anna Choi


Richard Adams


Last year, Eric and Erika Braun hoped to raise $20,000 in their annual fundraiser to support multiple sclerosis research.

Instead of $20,000, they raised almost double their goal: $39,606!

This year, we are grateful to once again be selected as the recipients of their fundraiser to end MS. Help them hit $40,000 (and beyond!) in 2018:

Online donations can be made here.

Checks, payable to DHMRI, can be sent to:
David H. Murdock Research Institute
Attn: Accounts Receivable
150 Research Campus Drive
Kannapolis, NC 28081

Thank you to Erika and Eric and all their allies for supporting our research!

Simon thanking Erika and Eric for their 2017 fundraiser.

Fundraiser Progress: $2,785 of $40,000


Executive Level Sponsors

Mr. Herman Stone & Family

Mr. Herman Stone (president and CEO of Stone Theaters) and his family know all too well the devastating impact of MS. In 2012 Mr. Stone gifted Dr. Gregory and the David H. Murdock Research Institute (DHMRI) a foundational grant which launched Discovery MS. This generous donation has made all of our research and discoveries thus far possible.

Eric & Erika Braun

They raised an astounding $39,606 in their 2017 fundraiser!

Since developing MS in 2001, Eric Braun has met with medical providers and researchers across the country seeking the best treatment options for his worsening symptoms. While at an MS fundraiser he met our Primary Investigator, Dr. Simon Gregory, and they immediately hit it off. As they discussed MS, science, and research funding, they found a shared passion for understanding MS and finding a cure. Eric and Simon have since become friends and support each other’s efforts in the fight against MS.

As part of Eric’s battle with MS, he and his wife Erika hold an annual fundraiser to benefit MS research. After meeting with Simon many times and attending Discovery MS executive meetings, Eric and Erika were impressed with the work we’re doing and decided to gift us the proceeds of their 2017 fundraiser.We are honored to be selected as this year’s beneficiary of Eric and Erika Braun’s annual fundraiser to support MS research.

Eric and Erika belong to a wonderful community of people who support MS research, and we are privileged to be the recipients of such generosity. We cannot thank the Brauns and their generous supporters enough! (We’d love to include all the names of Braun Fundraiser donors in our honor roll. Email us at to add your name!)


J. Cox Family Foundation

Having multiple sclerosis has not held Mr. Jason Cox back from accomplishing his goals. Mr. Cox has spearheaded developing the business plan that defines our unique funding model. He and his family’s philanthropic organization have also donated to our group, providing $18,000 to advance our research.


Braun Fundraiser Donors

Mark Rubacky

Woody Fox

Moody Charitable Foundation

Gold Tier Corporate Sponsors

The Golden Corral Charitable Fund of the Triangle Community Foundation has generously sponsored our research at the Gold Tier level.

Silver Tier Corporate Sponsors

Like Discovery MS, K4Connect has been inspired and motivated by Eric Braun. As part of the 2017 Braun Fundraiser they generously sponsored us at the Silver Tier level.