New Study: Genetic and Environmental Factors of MS

Dr. Gregory is launching an exciting new study! It focuses on the health histories of people with multiple sclerosis (MS). We and our collaborators will use this study to explore how genetic risk factors for MS and other risk factors, such as smoking, relate to an individual person’s experiences with MS.

This study is a health history questionnaire that can be taken online or over the telephone. No in-person meeting is required. It asks:

  • How has MS impacted your quality of life?
  • What kind of environmental exposures have you experienced in your life?
  • What’s your health history, both in general and specific to MS?
  • What do you want us, as researchers, to know about your experiences with MS? What do you think we should be asking people with MS?

Study participants are being recruited from the MURDOCK Study and the MURDOCK-MS Study. Both people who have MS and people who do not have MS are being invited to participate. This is not an open enrollment study: we are contacting potential participants by email and by phone.

Participant resources:

Notice of Privacy Practices

Informed Consent Form

Questions? Please contact our study coordinator, Mrs. Kristin Wainwright at or 919-695-3139.

IRB Protocol #Pro00088082

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