As summer kicks into high gear, here are some highlights from the last quarter:

  • Eric and Erika Braun generously made us the recipients of their annual fundraiser to support MS research. They raised $39,531! We are grateful to the Brauns and everyone who contributed to the fundraiser. Every dollar donated helps us pursue flexible, agile, and aggressive research projects aimed at improving MS prevention and treatment.

  • Last month we were joined by our summer intern Briana Landis. She has a long history with Discovery MS: she first met our founding philanthropist Mr. Herman Stone and our PI Dr. Simon Gregory back in 2008 when the DHMRI was just opening!

  • Ms. Landis is helping us with several projects:
    •  Genotyping MURDOCK MS Study DNA samples. We know that 200 different genetic variants can increase a person’s risk of developing MS, but we don’t fully know why or how. We’re currently looking for these variants in the DNA of our MURDOCK MS Study participants (that is, genotyping).
    • Developing a new study. We are planning a new study that will allow us to better understand how an individual’s life experiences affect the development, expression, and progression of MS. If you are currently a MURDOCK MS Study participant, we may be contacting you to ask you to help us with this new study!


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